Critical Mass Seeds

A classic large yielding strain with a high stoneage factor. A reworked version of an old breed once known as Big Bud. The aroma and flavour of this strain are Skunk-like with a sweet earthiness from the Afghan.

Cannabis Seed Bank: Mr Nice Seedbank

critical mass seeds

Additional Information:

ManufacturerMr Nice Seedbank
Also known as...Afghani Skunk, Big Bud
GeneticsAfghani / Skunk No. 1
Pack Size18 seeds
VarietyIndica / Sativa
FeminisedRegular (not feminised)
THC ContentUnknown
GrowsGreenhouse, Grows indoors and outdoors
Flowering Time8 Weeks
Harvest MonthSeptember/October

Product Description

A reworked excellent version of an old breed once known as Big Bud. This is a large yielding strain with an equally high stone. It is the heaviest plant currently in production both indoors and outdoors with buds resembling the male genital protrusion of a giant donkey. Due to its heavy flower construction it can be susceptible to mould if the growing area is too humid. So be warned, and harvest on time. It has a genetic pedigree originating from a particularly heavy Afghani combined with the original Skunk #1.

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