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Paradise Seeds

Paradise SeedsParadise Seeds always been highly involved in the breeding of beloved cannabis varieties. Since they started growing cannabis in the early 1980?s, it has always been their aim to select the very best genetics. This has resulted in a solid strain base which is the cornerstone their work. Only selecting and crossing the most potent cannabis - marijuana plants with the finest, sweet taste has led to the creation of the powerful connoisseur strains they offer today. The quality you get with these cannabis seeds is that of the finest cannabis currently available on the market. Their aim was to create better weed, with a sweet / spicy taste and stronger high, for their own use. This resulted in several new varieties and the cannabis seeds were given to a number of people to grow. Due to early pioneers such as Paradise Seeds, Dutch cannabis became the best in the world and growing got evermore popular. Also many foreign people realised Dutch cannabis was of the highest quality.

They took seeds home, to grow for personal use. At that time Paradise Seeds found their way to the people at a local coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Paradise Seeds guarantees a 95% germination rate, if the growing conditions are right. Paradise Seeds? varieties are qualified for medicinal use. Their cannabis - marijuana varieties are able to help relieve pain and suffering, reduce nausea, induce appetite and treat a range of other ailments for people who require medical marijuana.


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