Sensi Seeds

Everyone has their opinion of the legendary Seed makers Sensi seeds. Most agreed that their seeds have gone way down hill from their hey day.

Breeder One Eye stated on the Potcast with heavy daze that Sensi took the fun out of breeding. There quest to make their seed breeding results to be more marketable buy guessing what they thought their customers wanted ruined many of their genetics.

Sensi Seeds desire of stabilization ruined the quality of the weed seeds they were growing.

Take the Skunk strain for instance. It is well known by the cannabis community that Sensi was the one that added sweet to Skunk #1. It offended people in some respects.

Sensi Seeds succeeded in making skunk have a very sweet note to the strain and ruined it for every one forever.

It is said Sensi took a lot of genetic diversity out of the cannabis cultivar market. In the goal for stability in outcome Sensi seeds ruined the fun of their seeds.

Breeding for a predictable outcome they lost sight of the most important thing for cannabis producers and that is finding something special, one of a kind.

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